Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, Steve Blackett, says ???there is hope??? for the vulnerable men who have fallen prey to the ills of society.

While speaking at the One Man a Month for the Kingdom???s 4th Anniversary celebrations this weekend at the Bush Hall Community Centre, the Minister encouraged the organisation to be ???the conduit through which the perception of our men is ameliorated in this country???.

The One Man a Month (OMAM) for the Kingdom initiative was introduced in 2012 ???to rehabilitate, restore and save our men, thereby returning them to their rightful place in our homes, the church, the workplace and in our societies???.

Congratulating the organisation on reaching its milestone, Mr. Blackett remarked that its founder and key stakeholder, Mount Zion???s Missions, remained dedicated and committed to helping vulnerable men in society, although many persons believed there was ???no hope for their resurgence???.

???You are certainly on the right path to reaching your objectives??? I encourage you to reinforce your efforts, which must be steeped in the doctrine of salvation, propelled by compassion and founded in the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ,??? he stated.

While Mr. Blackett acknowledged the sterling work of OMAM and the other initiatives and organisations across Barbados dedicated to enhancing the lives of the unfortunate among us, he admitted that more work must still be done to improve the future development of Barbadian men.

???I am imploring these organisations to form a social partnership where they can utilise their resources and espouse their ideas to provide opportunities for the enrichment of the lives of our men,??? he advised.

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