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Third-party information providers are reminded to file all relevant annual returns for the 2019 income year by Friday, February 28, 2020.

Third-party returns required by this deadline are Pension, Charities, Deductibles, Contributions, Withholding Tax Reconciliation and Goods and Services.

When filing, providers have the choice of utilising either the Microsoft Excel templates, which are available on the website or the web form directly on TAMIS.

Third-party information providers are all financial institutions and other agencies who have made payments to resident persons in respect of pension, dividends, royalties, etc., as well as trade unions and registered charities in receipt of subscriptions and donations respectively.

Third-party information providers also include persons who for the supply of goods or services have made payments to local independent contractors and self-employed persons such as accountants, attorneys, computer programmers, analysts, landscape gardeners, auto mechanics, builders, carpenters, freighters and custom brokers.

 All 2019 third-party returns are required to be filed online in TAMIS at

Barbados Revenue Authority

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