Thompsons Bridge, St. Andrew. (MTWW)

The Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources (MTWW) advises that Thompsons Bridge, St. Andrew, was closed to vehicular traffic last Friday, July 23, and will remain closed for at least one year.

This measure has been precipitated by the structural condition of the bridge, after recent inspection by the Ministry’s technical officers.

All vehicular traffic is therefore requested to divert and use alternative routes, while Thompsons Bridge is undergoing repairs. Traffic coming from the Ermie Bourne Highway must turn left on to Dark Hole and then on to Parks Road and onto Groves Corner.

At Groves Corner, travelers should take the right turn on to Sturges, or the left turn on to Wales Spring. Traffic coming from Welchman Hall must take the right turn by Sturges, onto Bloomsbury, then onto Groves Corner and onto Parks Road via Dark Hole.

Commuters are also asked to note that the Transport Board will be providing a paid shuttle service for its passengers, during the period, beginning from the junction by Welchman Hall Gully, to Thompsons Bridge, seven days a week. The shuttle will travel via Springvale, Cane Garden, Fruitful Hill, White Hill and turn at the closest point to Thompsons Bridge.

The Shorey Village bus will therefore divert unto Bloomsbury, pass Flower Forest, Melvin Hill, Dark Hole, then proceed down the hill, continue onto Baxter’s, turn in the development by the Bridge and re-join the normal route, onto Shorey Village. Buses returning to Bridgetown will cover the route in the reverse.

The MTWW thanks the travelling public for its cooperation and understanding, as it works to improve the road infrastructure of Barbados.

Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources

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