Jamie-Lynn Taitt Gibson of Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary and Kacie Corbin of St. Winifred???s have tied for top spot among the females in this year???s Barbados Secondary Schools??? Entrance Examination (BSSEE).

The top male is 10-year-old Yohance Lewis of St. Cyprian???s Boys??? School.??All three gained similar marks of 100 in Mathematics; 99 in English and an ???A??? in Composition, giving a converted total score of 248.77.

While Kacie has opted for a bursary, Jamie will attend Harrison College and Yohance will go on to Queen???s College come September.

These were among the results disclosed earlier today by Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, during a press conference at the Elsie Payne Complex to discuss the performance of students in this year???s BSSEE or 11 Plus, as it is familiarly known.

The Minister also alluded to the top 17 performers, which he pointed out came from ???a mix of private and public primary schools???.

In addition to the three top students, those topping the list are: Thelema Grannum of Hillaby Turner???s Hall; Shamoya Carty of Wills; Vanati Melwani of St. Angela???s; Rheanna King of Eagle Hall; Abeo Edinboro of St. Winifred???s; Aisha Waterman of St. Gabriel???s; Shaliyah Wood of Wesley Hall; Leonard O???Garro of St. Gabriel???s; Abigail Davis of Christ Church Girls; Teshara Walton of George Lamming; Jamilah Best of Hindsbury; Gavin Penegan of Charles F. Broome; Terren Jeyakumar of Providence Elementary and Micheala Ward of Providence Elementary.

The Education Minister also made mention of the seven ???early sitters???, acknowledging that they had performed well and had been successfully placed. This, he added, showed that ???the formula was working???.


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