Prime Minister Freundel Stuart wants Barbadians to spend some time in introspection as the country approaches its 50th anniversary of Independence next year.

Mr. Stuart made the comments recently while addressing a press briefing to outline plans for the year-long celebration of Barbados??? upcoming 50th anniversary of Independence on November 30, 2016.

Mr. Stuart said the citizens of this country must reposition themselves to make Barbados an even greater place.

???I have always taken the position that a man???s reach should always exceed his grasp. Barbados has done very well. I am generally satisfied [with Barbados??? overall performance], but there is always scope for doing better??? There are things that we need to get rid of. I am not at all happy that there seems to be developing in some small pockets of the society a belief that, for example, the way to settle disputes is by acts of violence.

???I am also a little concerned that in some cases, at the levels of our schools, sometimes you get the impression that some of our children do not understand the great opportunities that have been made available for them to fully exploit. Opportunities for learning, personal advancement and personal empowerment???,??? he stated.

Mr. Stuart remarked that during the last 50 years, there were some values that were lost. ???Those things we have lost have not always been things that left us better off than we were before we lost them. So, as we go through the 50th anniversary celebrations, there are three questions that as a country I would like us to ask.

???What are those features of Barbadian life that we have lost and that we need to reclaim? What are those features of Barbadian life that we have not lost, but that we need to discard? What are those features of Barbadian life that we have to try at all cost to retain???? he asked.

The Prime Minister expressed the view that those questions should provide an appropriate guide for the country. Contending that making Barbados a better place would not happen by chance, Mr. Stuart said the active engagement of the entire population was necessary.

???If pride and industry are to continue to mean anything to us as a nation, all of us will have to become fully engaged in the building out of Barbados over the next 50 years,??? he underscored.??Mr. Stuart stressed that all Barbadians must work to strengthen the society, and set excellence as their goal.

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