Browne’s Beach. (FP)

The National Conservation Commission (NCC) is advising the public to be cautious when using the island’s beaches and parks.

The caution comes following an announcement from Attorney General, Dale Marshall that from Tuesday, June 2, beaches will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and public parks will reopen from that date as well, during their usual operating hours. 

Special Projects Officer at the NCC, Ricardo Marshall, noted that while spending time outdoors is important for our wellbeing, it needed to be done “in a way that kept everyone safe, as public health and safety remained a priority”.

“As such, the National Conservation Commission is taking a careful approach to the use of our beaches and the reopening of public parks,” he stated, and provided the following tips to ensure the safety of beachgoers and those visiting public parks:

  1. Visit parks that are close to your home;

  2. Prepare before you visit – Pack your mask, hand sanitizer and also your own sports equipment, such as balls and floaters. Do not share these items;

  3. Observe physical distancing protocols – Stay at least two metres away from others who are not from your household;

  4. If you think it is too busy to maintain physical distancing at one location, use the opportunity to discover a new park or beach which has a lifeguard station;

  5. Avoid any gatherings of more than three persons when utilizing our public parks and beaches, unless persons are from the same household;

  6. Children MUST be supervised by an adult;

  7. Where possible, parents/guardians are advised to sanitize equipment before use, and;

  8. Always sanitize your children’s/wards’ hands directly after use of each play park equipment.

The NCC has also advised persons that given the physical distancing protocols, they will have limited access to washroom facilities.

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