Persons interested in getting involved in the recycling process should first examine where their waste comes from, what it consists of and how much is generated.

These recycling tips were provided by Project Manager of the Solid Waste Project Unit (SWPU), Ricardo Marshall, in the lead up to the fifth annual 4R’s Fair which comes off this Saturday, February 16, from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

He explained that the 4Rs stood for Reducing the amount of waste being used and its toxicity; Reusing as much of it as possible; Recycling what was left and that can be recycled; and Recovering commodities such as energy from the waste.

Mr. Marshall said householders should first look to see what they could remove and recycle from the waste they generate. "They should also look to see how their purchasing practices could influence the waste being generated," he pointed out.

The Project Manager advised individuals to pay close attention to the items used when preparing meals. "If you are using a vegetable that is peeled, look to see what can be composted," he said, noting that it was not an expensive process.

However, even more critical, Mr. Marshall stressed, was ensuring that all members of one’s family were onboard with what was being done, and were willing to play their part. "If everyone is not onboard, someone will ruin the good work, thereby creating the sense and feeling that the initiative is not working," he said.

Mr. Marshall noted that the SWPU also had brochures for businesses and homeowners with information to guide them how to conduct waste audits on their properties. He added that the Unit was also willing to come and assist communities and businesses interested in starting the process by conducting workshops to discuss how to carry out the audits.

All those interested in pursuing this avenue may contact the Solid Waste Project Unit at 427-5910.


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