More than a dozen young people, some of whom have just entered the workforce, have received tips on how to enhance their productivity and communication skills in the workplace.

Associate Consultant at the Productivity Council, Jannell Arthur, outlined the tenents of achieving productivity, during the Council’s Youth Productivity Awareness workshop held today at Solidarity House.

While education and skills were important prerequisites for employment, Ms. Arthur said management should give their employees the necessary resources to get the job done effectively.

She also suggested that an in-house rewards/compensation scheme should be set up to motivate employees to sustain their prolific levels. "Compensation and remuneration are very important, but when we talk about compensation, we are not only talking about money, but rewards, vouchers or even a pat on the shoulder to say thanks for a job well done," Ms. Arthur reiterated.

The official also advised the participants to be team players and refrain from "sacrificing their professional relationships for personal ones.

"At the end of the day when there is a job to be done that [professional relationship] should take precedence," she advised.

Ms. Arthur also gave tips on effective communication skills. These included, listening for key words, taking notes if the request was of a complex nature, concentrating on what the other person was saying, reviewing the main points of the message before passing it on to the other person, and asking questions.

The sessions will continue on Monday, July 13, at Solidarity House and on Friday, July 17. Personnel from the Productivity Council will address 30 participants of the Barbados Fire Service’s Junior Fire Cadet Camp at the Arch Hall Fire Station, St. Thomas during this exercise.

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