The task of nation building through literacy cannot reside with an individual but must be the collective responsibility of every Barbadian.

This is the view of Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Patrick Todd, who stressed that all groups including schools, churches, clubs and non-governmental organisations must work collectively to forge a link between literacy and national developmental goals.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Third Annual Reading Conference of the Barbados Association of Reading at the Grand Barbados Beach Resort, recently, he pointed out that for countries such as Barbados which have limited natural resources, it was imperative that human capital is maximised and, as such, literacy is a major tool in this process.

Mr. Todd underscored the important role teachers played in the process of transferring of knowledge, skills and capacities to the nation???s children, through education.

???The government as a whole and the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development in particular, are aware that quality education is heavily dependent on the quality of teaching. Our Ministry will continue to ensure that initial teacher training and ongoing professional learning??? are provided for our island???s teachers, as we strive to enhance student outcomes,??? he stressed.

The Minister of State also urged the Barbados Association of Reading, as a stakeholder in education, to continue to empower its members so they could contribute to the promotion of literacy at the national level and to remain relevant to its members and clients.

???For it is through the analysis of research findings and the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experiences in fora such as these, that educators can be empowered and be prepared for their role and contribution to the development of literacy at the national level. As educators we must ensure that we remain current and on the cutting edge of educational research,??? Minister Todd concluded.??

Author: Andr?? Skeete

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