Applications for the Town Planning Office may be submitted directly to the office or via email. (Stock Photo)

Members of the public are advised that the Town and Country Development Planning Office is currently accepting formal applications.

However, certain protocols have been put in place there to protect the staff and public from the COVID-19 virus.

Applications may be submitted directly to the office or via email. In the case of direct submission to the office, applications will be collected and the applicant notified at a subsequent date as to when they are to return to pay.

If the submission is deemed unsatisfactory, the applicant will be notified of the necessary changes to be made prior to the acceptance of the application.

Persons visiting the office are advised that a mask must be worn at all times; physical distancing must be observed; temperature checks will be carried out; and hand sanitizer stations must be utilized.

With respect to submissions via email, the applications will also be vetted and the applicant informed when payment can be made or if changes are required. The payment will be done by appointment.

Submissions should be made to the following email addresses:

For applications:

For building starts:

For certificates of compliance:

For revised

For final plans:

Before emailing the submission, the applicant must sign and scan the application form. Any other relevant documents or information should also be scanned and submitted via email in .pdf format.

For further information, the public may call 535-3000, or email

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