This year???s National Senior Games will, it is hoped, see new talent being unearthed, as a consequence of changes announced by the event???s organisers, the Department of Constituency Empowerment (DCE).

The main change will be the introduction of five preliminary zonal meets, which will precede the finals, held annually at the National Stadium. Persons will therefore register to compete at the zonal level, based on the constituency in which they reside.

Residents of St. Lucy, St. Peter, St. Andrew, St. Joseph, St. James North and St. James Central will be in the Northern Zone, while the Western Zone comprises St. James South, St. Michael West, St. Michael West Central, St. Michael North East, St. Michael North West and St. Michael North.

The Eastern Zone is made up of St. Philip South, St. Philip West, St. Philip North, St. John, Christ Church East Central and Christ Church East, while the Central Zone has St. George North, St. George South, St. Thomas, St. Michael Central, St. Michael East, and St. Michael South Central.

Residents of Christ Church South, Christ Church West Central, Christ Church West, St. Michael South, St. Michael South East and City of Bridgetown will be in the Southern Zone.

Athletes who have successfully met the requirements at the zone meets will then move forward to the Finals, on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27.

Registration forms for the track and field meets, as well as the road race, may be collected from, and returned to, the National Assistance Board, Murrell House, Country Road, St. Michael;

Sports and Games, Corner of James and Roebuck Streets, Bridgetown; National Sports Council, Blenheim, St. Michael; and the Department of Constituency Empowerment (DCE), Fourth Floor, Warrens Office Complex, St. Michael.

The deadline for registration is Tuesday, March 11. Deadline for registration of the road race is Monday, April 7.

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