Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has reiterated his view that local trade unions are committed to the growth and development of Barbados.

Mr. Stuart made the comments last Saturday in response to a question from the media about some trade unions threatening protests action.

While touring BMEX 2015, the Prime Minister said: ???I am 100 per cent sure that all of the trade unions in Barbados are committed to the best interest of Barbados and when the chips are down, they will put the interest of Barbados first.???

He noted that employees would have questions as Government moved to integrate the Customs Department into the Barbados Revenue Authority on July 1 this year.

???And, it is the responsibility of the Government and the Barbados Revenue Authority to answer the questions. But, when all is said and done, there is going to be a Barbados Revenue Authority; the Customs Department is going to be a part of it and the revenue collection in the country is going to improve. But, these are little mountains we have to climb on the way there,??? Mr. Stuart said.

He recalled that there was also trade union agitation when the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was being moved from central government to a board. He stressed that this concern was to be expected because trade unions had a duty to ensure their members’ interests were properly protected.

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