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Having a canine service or trained dogs will create great opportunities for anyone interested in the medicinal cannabis business here in Barbados.

Head of the Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation, David Watson emphasized this last Friday, as he addressed the BAJCAN Connect Forum: Securing the Industry, held virtually by the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority.

Speaking on the topic: Opportunities for a Complete Cannabis Security Solution, he noted that these animals would be an asset to the industry regardless of the size of the business.

He said: “For the smaller person who just can’t afford to have four or five officers working security, a dog with one handler can do aces in terms of deterrence from a facility, for a smaller person.”

However, he stressed the animals must be trained and certified, noting,  “… they will be a great asset to the industry… as a deterrent, and also for interdiction for stopping folks from taking your product”.

While noting most persons have a healthy fear of dogs and are less likely to conduct criminal acts in the dogs’ presence or on facilities, Mr. Watson said that in areas where the theft of cannabis plants was possible, canines could also be employed as a deterrent.

The law enforcement official further acknowledged that a trained dog would also assist to deter monkeys, since monkeys seemed to have a propensity for the cannabis flower, and the plant, and this could possibly be an issue. 

He said: “If you have dogs specifically trained to interdict monkeys by their smell… trained just to trap monkeys and keep them away, then that is one option…. Dogs are a great option to deal with monkeys; otherwise, as a security person you will be chasing monkeys all day.”


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