Beach lovers can expect more pristine beaches in the weeks ahead, as the National Conservation Commission (NCC) sets its two new Cherrington Beach Cleaners to work.

Four NCC mechanics were among the first to receive training in operating the new devices from Technical Specialist at Cherrington Enterprises, Joe Ikola, at Brandons Beach this morning.

The exercise netted rocks, metal, bottle covers and other forms of debris. The new machines are also expected to assist with cleaning beaches affected by sargassum seaweed.

Speaking after the demonstration, General Manager at the NCC, Keith Neblett, said the machines were also capable of going ???right on the water???s edge to collect oil in the event of an oil spill???.

He explained the machine had three screeners ??? a half inch; one that was three eighths of an inch; and another three quarters of an inch ??? and can strain the sand for large and small items. In addition, there is a screener specifically designed for oil spills.

The Cherrington beach cleaner operates at between four and eight inches below the sand.??Mr. Neblett further noted that when the machines were in use, a mechanic would be assigned to work alongside the workers at the various sites.

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