With five weeks to go before the completion of the third training of trainers course of the Parent Education and Support Programme, an official in the Ministry of Family is reporting some success in the project.

Senior Administrative Officer, in that Ministry, Marva Howell, pointed out that 33 persons had already been trained so far, and some were currently delivering training to parents in their communities who want to improve their skills.

Ms. Howell added that two organizations – Youth with a Mission and the Barbados Football Association – had recently expressed an interest in organising training sessions for their members and those in the community.

Approximately 20 persons are currently participating in the training of trainers component of the programme, which started in June this year and ends next month.?? The modules being taught are Parenting; Coping and Managing; Finding Self, Seeking Help and Action Planning.

Ms. Howell stated that the training "is going really well", stressing that the "groups are keen, especially in the areas where they have to look at themselves in light of the information they are receiving".

This training of trainers course is part of the Parent Education and Support Programme which started last year, and includes an element on positive parenting training.

The programme is aimed at offering parents the necessary knowledge and skills to empower them to comfortably and confidently raise their children. It is also expected to equip them with the tools needed to develop healthy relationships within their households, communicate effectively, and encourage parent-to-child interaction.?? saustin@barbados.gov.bb

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