NCC’s Chief Ranger, Eslee Austin, instructs some staff members?? during a recent training session.??

Rangers from the National Conservation Commission (NCC) are brushing up on their job-related skills.

According to the NCC’s Special Projects Officer, Ricardo Marshall, some 23 Rangers/Wardens are currently participating in a 19-day training programme being conducted at the Iris Bonnochie Training Centre, Codrington St. Michael.

The training, which commenced on Monday, September 6, seeks to expose new Rangers/Wardens to training in diverse areas specifically related to their job function. It is also intended as a refresher course for officers already in the field.

Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Team work/team building, Use of English and Report Writing, Time Management, Review of the National Conservation Commission Act and other pieces of legislation which relate to beach and park activity, Fitness, Self Defence and Baton Techniques and Health Education and First Aid are among the major areas covered.

The programme also encompasses a segment on Court procedures, since Ranger/Wardens have powers of arrest, and may be required to attend Court to give evidence in such instances. In addition to training on presentation of evidence, it also entails visits to the Magistrate’s Court for observation purposes.

Training for this category and other categories of staff will continue during the current financial year.

This segment of training is slated to end on Thursday, September 30.??cgaskin@barbados.gov.bb

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