Immigration Officers and Security Officers from the Defence and Security Division undergoing a recent training session. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

The Barbados Immigration Department is continuing its drive to ensure that all officers are well equipped to deliver exceptional service to members of the public.

Over 40 Immigration Officers and Security Officers from the Defence and Security Division, who are currently assigned to the department, underwent training in the department’s conference room, recently.

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, Margaret Inniss, remarked that training continues to be a priority in the development of the department, especially following the negative impact of the COVID-19 measures.

“The training was skillfully designed to retool officers and give Barbados the cutting edge in service delivery,” she said, noting that the sessions were highly interactive.

During the training, participants covered areas such as the art of service, which was presented by Director of the National Transformation Initiative, Dr. Allyson Leacock.

Dr. Leacock examined the topic of personal deportment, which shone the spotlight on how persons behave generally towards each other. This highlighted the importance of excellent service towards the department’s external and internal customers.

In addition, the officers were trained in effective communication, in which the definition, characteristics of communication and the style and skills of a good communicator were brought into focus. This session concluded with a comprehensive overview of the four communication styles – passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive.

Meanwhile, the session on active teamwork provided a guide to understanding and developing active teamwork skills. The participants were reminded that having such skills was dependent on their ability to communicate well; actively listen and be responsible and honest in the execution of their duties.

Other areas covered during the training session included filing, the Public Service Act, human trafficking, processes at ports of entry, work permit legislation/process and investigation/court prosecution.

The training was facilitated by management and senior immigration officers with the view of giving Barbados the competitive edge in the art of service excellence.

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