An electric bus being taken through its paces before returning to service. (Photo Courtesy of the Barbados Transport Board)

With the new electric buses having now been on the road for a month, the Transport Board is keeping its promise of adhering to a strict and rigorous maintenance schedule.

Chief Operations Officer at the Transport Board, Lynda Holder, stated: “As we would have mentioned ahead of deploying the buses, there is a stringent schedule in place as it relates to their maintenance. Therefore, as the buses reach their first 5,000 kms, they are being brought in for routine service and checks in conjunction with local service providers Megapower.”

Noting that the response from the public has been extremely positive, Mrs. Holder also took the opportunity to reiterate the training that has been carried out.

“We knew that introducing electric buses to Barbados would require new skillsets and it is to this end that our Quality Assurance team and our drivers have been receiving continuous training to ensure that they are fully capable of the task ahead. “Along with the purchase of these 33 buses has come adequate spare parts to ensure that we continue to provide commuters with a high level of service,” she stated.

Barbados Transport Board

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