As the phased reopening of businesses and the public sector continues, CEO of the Transport Board Fabian Wharton is today reminding the public of strict guidelines as it relates to commuting.

“With more people beginning to report to work, we expect to see incremental increases in ridership,” said Wharton.

He continued, “We are still in the midst of a public health emergency, and in accordance with the curfew directive we are reminding persons that it is compulsory for all passengers to wear face masks when riding the buses.”

Wharton also took the opportunity to discuss how the Board was addressing concerns by commuters surrounding the reduced capacity.

“We are aware as a result of the passenger limit commuters were unable to board buses at our terminals or on the routes. Given the size of our fleet and the restrictions under which we operate, commuters should expect some delays. Our operations team is working to add additional services on the shorter routes which in turn will have a positive effect on the longer routes.”

Using Bathsheba as an example, he further explained, “By deploying a Horse Hill service, which is a shorter service, about 15 to 20 mins ahead of the Bathsheba service, which is a longer route, we will help increase capacity on the longer route. We will continue to use this measure particularly on our long haul services during peak times.”

He also commended the tireless work of the Board’s staff during the pandemic ensuring the safe transportation of Barbados’ commuters.

He further thanked members of the public on their prompt reporting of non-compliance on the part of Transport Board operators.

“I want to reiterate that these actions are in serious breach of the Transport Board’s code of conduct and I want to assure the public that in each instance there will be a thorough investigation and the appropriate actions taken.”

Transport Board

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