Travellers have been reminded that they must follow the safety and security restrictions for carry-on allowances at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA). This is necessary in order to speed up the screening process and cut down on the number of confiscated items.

The 3-1-1 regulations for Carry-On indicates how to prepare for and swiftly proceed through screening: Threeounce containers (100 ml.) or smaller of liquids or gels should be placed in one quart-sized (one litre) clear, plastic, zip-top bag with a maximum of one plastic bag per traveller to be allowed in carry-on luggage.

Any container larger than three ounces, even if partially full, should be packed in checked luggage to avoid being confiscated at the screening checkpoint.

Once travellers reach the screening checkpoint, the plastic bag with the containers of liquid/gel should be removed from the carry-on bag and placed in a security bin to be scanned. Laptop computers, shoes, jackets, and belts should also be removed and placed in security bins.

Persons are advised that baby formula and breast milk for travelling babies and children, as well as prescription and over-the-counter medications are allowed.


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