The Late Ambassador, the Hon. Oliver Jackman


It is certainly with a deep sense of sadness that we learnt of the passing of former Ambassador, the Hon. Oliver Jackman.

A distinguished diplomat, jurist and journalist, the Barbados Government Information Service pays tribute to the man who was its first Information Officer and administrator. In fact, when the Barbados Government Information Service was established in 1958, Oliver Jackman was its only officer who ably served the information needs of the government of the day.Indeed, as this department of government prepares to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2008, it is with much regret that its first champion will not be at the forefront of those celebrations.

Oliver Jackman came to the Government Information Service already with a reputation for keen wit and a formidable intellect. This was even before he went on to be Chief Information Officer in the Congo and his later successful diplomatic career as representative of this small, but very confident nation in the international area.

He was particularly forceful in lending his voice to the plight of small developing states, but well understood the lessons to be learnt from friendships and alliances with larger, developed countries.

He never wavered in his commitment to the cause of human dignity and human rights everywhere.

Oliver Jackman never ever separated himself from the world of information and journalism. His continuing compulsion for inquiry and comment were manifested in the articles he wrote, particularly in our local newspapers, to the end, distinguishing himself as one of Barbados’ most able and fearless columnists.

On behalf of the Barbados Government Information Service, and on my own behalf, I extend heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of this noble public servant, and join them in their mourning.May he rest in peace.

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