The Supreme Court. (FP)

Chief Justice, Sir Marston Gibson, has extended sympathies on behalf of the judiciary to the family of former Registrar of the Supreme Court, Marva Clarke, who passed away on November 10.

Ms. Clarke was described as a civil servant who gave “long and untiring service to the public service of Barbados as a Magistrate, Deputy Solicitor-General and in her final post as Registrar”.

“We are indebted to her.  We offer condolences to her children, Ian and Brian, her relatives and those who loved and now miss her,” he stated.

Registrar, Barbara Cooke-Alleyne, echoed similar sentiments, noting that the legal fraternity had lost “an outstanding stalwart” who had given over 41 years of yeoman service to the public service, of which 28 was spent in the judiciary.

Mrs. Cooke-Alleyne noted that as a Judiciary officer, Ms. Clarke was respected for protocol, fairness on the bench, and sound knowledge of statute and laws. “She was very astute, and a disciplinarian for professionalism in, and outside the courtroom,” she said.

The Registrar further recalled Ms. Clarke encouraging her staff to study and further themselves, so that, through them, the department would excel. 

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