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The Barbados Trust Fund Limited (BTFL) is associated with two major initiatives which will offer its clients access to a range of new e-commerce opportunities, and create young community farmers and agri-businesses.

The partnerships are with Omniverce.com & Omniverce Holdings Limited, and All Greens, Power of Choice Inc. and others, on the “I Am a Community Farmer and Entrepreneur Agri-business Programme”.

Omniverce.com is an online shopping portal, which focuses on small and medium-sized businesses, and allows them to create free stores online for the sale of their goods and services. All Greens has pioneered the Instant Kitchen Garden (IKG) in Barbados, and the BTFL will be offering loans to purchase the IKGs. 

The Fund’s mandate is to facilitate more young entrepreneurs in Barbados with micro-financing, and to reach persons in communities across the island. Therefore, the “I Am a Community Farmer and Entrepreneur Agri-business Programme” will ensure the BTFL’s mandate continues to be realised.


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