The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council???s mission to develop a competent, certified and competitive national and regional workforce was given a boost with the official launch of their website, , and the online magazine, 21st Century Worker, at the Warrens Office Complex this morning.

Outlining the magazine???s purpose, TVET Chairman, Dr. Hensley Sobers, explained that ???the 21st Century Worker will be used on behalf of the Council and its partners???to help keep the wider public informed about major activities and achievements in the field of technical and vocational education and training???In each edition, you will find stories that will address important issues???and a youth perspective on career and learning choices and experiences,??? he explained.

???We also take this opportunity to congratulate all of the finalists in the WorldSkills Barbados Competition 2014,??? Dr. Sobers said, [and] We???we extend our gratitude to you, your trainers, coaches and your institutions for the willingness with which you take on the extra work that is required to be able to meet internationally recognized standards of excellence, such as those established by the WorldSkills body.

The launch also served as an introduction to the finalists of this year???s biennial WorldSkills Barbados, which will showcase the talents of young people ages 16 to 22 in various disciplines, including automotive technology and culinary arts.

Noting that the international WorldSkills competition was considered the ???global skills Olympics???, Dr. Sobers explained that the event was held in one of 55 member countries every two years to provide young people enrolled in training institutions the opportunity to compete and demonstrate their practical competence in various professional disciplines.

???WorldSkills International is the leading, global authority for skilled, professional development, setting an international standard for excellence,??? he said, adding that Barbados was an associate member.

Highlighting the value of the experience for the competitors, the TVET Chairman said: ???This is indeed an opportunity for our young trainees to make their mark on the world stage, in much the same way that Akeila Chapman, silver medalist at the WorldSkills Americas Competition 2012 in Rio, Brazil, did,??? he added.

WorldSkills Barbados 2014, will be held in March.

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