Acting Minister of Labour, Senator Tyrone Barker presenting a copy of "Ins and Outs of Barbados" to Cesarina Rivera of the Coral Reef Resort, Myrtle Beach. Ms. Rivera is on her first trip to Barbados recruiting workers as part of the Ministry of Labour’s Hotel Workers Programme.




The high demand for Barbadian workers in the North American hotel sector shows no sign of abating, with another hotelier seeking to recruit Barbadian workers for the upcoming season.

Just days after officials from Taboo Resorts visited Barbados on a recruitment drive, Director of Housekeeping at Crown Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach, Cesarina Rivera, is in the island to interview Barbadians for 25 positions at the South Carolina hotel.

Today, she held talks with Acting Minister of Labour, Senator Tyrone Barker, who was accompanied by Permanent Secretary, Carston Simmons, Chief Labour Officer, Edla Lowe and Liaison Officer in Miami, Jackie Martinez.

Senator Barker, alluding to the strong history between Barbados and the Carolinas, said he was very pleased with the hotel’s decision to recruit Barbadian workers, particularly since it was their first time doing so.

While he acknowledged that Barbadian success in the North American hotel industry had augured well for the country, Senator Barker noted that it was becoming increasingly challenging for the Ministry of Labour to match the high demand for skilled workers.

“We put a lot of effort into our training to ensure we can offer employers skilled workers. They have done a credible job overseas which has contributed to more employers participating in the programme but we are finding it very difficult to keep pace with the demand for more Barbadian workers overseas,” he said.

Ms. Rivera said she was eager about the prospect of working with Barbadians for the first time, adding that they had cultivated a very favourable reputation for hard work among hoteliers in the Carolinas.

“We met with many hotel owners in Myrtle Beach and heard many good things about the Barbadian workers. We hope that if all goes well we can increase this number by next season,” Ms. Rivera concluded.

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