Minister of International Business and International Transport, George Hutson (second from left) and Mayor Bernice Vanier display the signed documents along with Leader of the Council Lorna Reith and Deputy Mayor Eddie Griffith. Also pictured is the Acting High Commissioner for Barbados in the United Kingdom, Donville Johnson.??

The London Borough of Haringey and the town of Holetown in Barbados now have a twinning arrangement. ??It seeks to facilitate the development of ties between the two towns, through a series of cultural, educational and sporting exchanges.

A ceremony was held at the Haringey Civic Centre Council Chamber, on December 1, to twin Haringey with Holetown and official documents were signed by

Minister for International Business and International Transport, George Hutson, and Mayor Councillor Bernice Vanier.

The sister-city relationship between the London Borough of Haringey and Holetown is intended, among other things, to create direct linkages between a number of schools in the Borough and those situated in Holetown. In this regard, it is anticipated that a number of educational, cultural and sporting events and exchanges will take place to promote and deepen a mutual understanding of both cultures, primarily at the level of schools, youth services, agencies and voluntary organisations concerned with the development of young people.

In addition, it is expected that the linking of Haringey with Holetown will provide opportunities for the expansion of economic and business links between the business community of Haringey, England, and the business community of Barbados that should serve to strengthen existing commercial links between the two destinations.

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