Minister of Family, Stephen Lashley (second from right), and Minister of Housing, Michael Lashley,??(left)?? listening to the Director of the Child Care Board, Joan Crawford during a tour of the Silver Hill day nursery. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

There is a possibility that the government day nurseries at Sayes Court and Silver Hill might be expanded to accommodate more children.

This disclosure has come from Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Stephen Lashley, after touring the facilities today with Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley, and officials of both Ministries and the Child Care Board. Also present was Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, who is Member of Parliament for Christ Church East, where Sayes Court is located.

Mr. Lashley told the media that they were looking at the possibility of extending both facilities as the first phase of an ongoing project to accommodate those children who were currently on the waiting list for placement.

"We visited both locations to assess the physical structure and surrounding lands … and we are pleased to report that, based on the land space, there is the possibility that we can accommodate extensions," he stated.

The Minister further revealed that a working group would be set up immediately to move the project forward.

Explaining the process that would follow, Mr. Lashley continued: "We have to get the surveyors here to locate the boundary lines, then we have to look at drawing plans

and … making a formal submission to the infrastructural committee of Cabinet. Once that is done, and all the relevant approvals are secured, including town planning and funds of course, then the way will be clear to move towards an expansion of these two facilities."

He promised, however, that Government would look at the location of other day care facilities across Barbados to see if further expansions could be facilitated.

Over 3000 children are on the waiting list for placement at government day nurseries and Mr. Lashley urged corporate Barbados to come forward and assist the Child Care Board in finding accommodation to reduce the numbers.

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