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It has been a difficult 48 hours in the fight against COVID-19 in Barbados. A third and fourth Barbadian have died in this period, bringing the death toll from the virus to 18.

The island’s latest COVID-19 casualties are an 83–year-old man, who passed away at the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on February 4. The senior lived alone and on February 3, after not being seen for some time, friends and neighbours broke into his rural home in an attempt to help him.

He was found to be unwell and was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he was seen in the Accident and Emergency Department. He died there yesterday (February 4).  The elderly gentleman’s passing brought the death toll to 17.

This morning, a 75 year old female passed away at Harrison Point. The lady was a former patient of the Geriatric Hospital in St Michael when she took ill. She was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on January 27, but was transferred to Harrison Point two days later when a PCR test showed her to be COVID-positive.

Deepest condolences are extended from the Ministry of Health and Wellness to the families and loved ones. Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt. Col. Hon Jeffrey Bostic, described the case of the elderly gentleman as, “a very sad one.”

He said, “this shows the importance of being our neighbours’ keeper and looking out for each other. This is a time to get back the traditional community spirit and support each other”.

Sympathising at the passing of the elderly lady, the Minister said that, “her case shows the necessity of being vigilant in relation to the elderly, who have been the majority of those dying from COVID in Barbados. The majority of our  seniors are getting infected in their homes, through contact with close relatives, care givers and friends who are circulating in public and are then in contact with the elderly.”

Minister Bostic cautioned Barbadians to be very careful around senior citizens and those who suffer from chronic noncommunicable diseases.  

“We should definitely be wearing our masks around these vulnerable persons, washing our hands frequently and maintaining the distance of 6 feet. Lives depend on our observing the safety protocols and guidelines.”

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