Minister of Education, Ronald Jones (centre), makes a point during the press conference, while Chief Education Officer,????Laurie King, and Permanent Secretary, Cecile Humphrey, look??on. (C. Pitt/BGIS)??

Students of Queen’s College and Harrison College have this year taken the lion’s share of the Barbados Scholarships and Exhibitions.

At a press briefing today in the Ministry’s Conference Room at the Elsie Payne Complex, Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, explained that 24 scholarships had been awarded, 18 Barbados exhibitions and two Awards of Excellence.???? This is an increase over the 41 awards offered last year.??

Harrison College copped 13 Barbados Scholarships and 5 exhibitions.?? The scholarship winners are: Alicia Alleyne, Jocelyn Alleyne, Abraham Dubrisingh, Atoebe Flemming, Danielle Forde, Sadio Gollop, Edwards Hennis, Sabrina Holder, Ashley Inniss, Raneisha Leacock, Ashea Lovell, Gianni Parris and Ade Waterman.?? The exhibition winners from that school are: Janene Carter, Kofi Chase, Joshua Greaves, Kay Harvey and Krystal Leslie.

The scholarship awardees from Queen’s College are:?? Lee-Ann Briggs, Anjelica Catling, Chelsea Dean, Danielle Francis, Giselle Franklin, Asha Gibbs, Jacob Rehum, Jamila Jones, Zahra Lashley and Nicoia Maxwell.?? The lone scholarship winner from Lodge School is Charles Cole.

The exhibition winner from from Combermere School is Rhea Small; and from the Barbados Community College (BCC), Asha Burrowes, Deimarr Callender and Katrina Edwards.?? The winners from Queen’s College are:?? Neka Browne, Kristen Clarke, Gabrielle Cumberbatch, Briana Deterville, Cherisse Francis, Jonquil Gollop,?? Sherice Hayne, Alexandra Logan and Hannah Ridgeon.?? Miss. Ridgeon also won a National Development Scholarship this year.

Awards of Excellence, conferred on persons over 20 years of age, have been given to Shonelle Hollingsworth and Benjamin Knaggs of the BCC.

The Minister applauded The Lodge School and Combermere School who had not achieved these awards for some time.?? "Last year, I did comment that these schools needed to look at their programmes and to see why they were not on the grid and this year they are.?? So they must be commended," he noted.

A large number of students have opted to study science and technology.?? According to Chief Education Officer, Laurie King, although this was "desirable" and meant that they were preparing a good cohort of students who would take the country forward with respect to science and technology and innovative initiatives, other disciplines were also important.

"At the same time we would like to see more students pursuing studies in the applied arts and in business studies in particular because those are niche areas…We could also do with an increase in the number of students who pursue studies in those areas," he said.??

Over the period 2009-2012, students from Harrison College have been awarded 38 scholarships; Queen’s College – 35; BCC – two; and Lodge School – one.?? In terms of exhibitions, Harrison College earned 32; Queen’s College – 39; Combermere – 4, and BCC – 17.


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