The Urban Development Commission (UDC) “has started to deliver its work in earnest”.

That is the word from Minister with responsibility for Urban Development, Dr. Denis Lowe, who said that the Commission had dug a number of wells, and provided bathroom and toilet facilities and septic tanks for a number of properties. 

“We will be rolling out a number of house building and house repair contracts this week as well,” Dr. Lowe revealed.

Minister Lowe explained: “The reason why this activity has been regenerated is because we have been able to identify those practices that compromised accountability, transparency and good governance at the Urban Development Commission.”

He continued: “While investigations are continuing into those practices, which pre-dated this administration, we will not delay the delivery of services which are so urgently needed by persons living within the urban corridor.”

Minister Lowe stressed that the resumption of these works was critical since there was “a backlog of 5,000 houses in need of repairs and or rebuilding”, and these were “inherited from the previous administration.

“At the same time, the number of houses in need of urgent attention of the UDC continues to grow,” Dr Lowe said. 

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