Two new persons have been admitted to the ???Over 100 Sojourns to Barbados Club???.

Gerry and Sally Maher of Mitchum, Surrey, in the United Kingdom (UK), who have vacationed in Barbados on 104 occasions to date, were given membership for life in the club during a presentation which took place recently at Cin Cin Restaurant on the west coast of the island.

In his address at the presentation, Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, noted that he was in awe of the record visits by Mr. Maher and his wife.

???I wish to thank you for your magnificent support for Barbados over the years. I hope to be around for your 200th visit,??? he quipped. ??

A plaque to commemorate the occasion was presented to the couple by Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner. She expressed gratitude to the couple for their continued patronage of the island.

Mr. Maher, whose first visit to Barbados was in 1961, attributed his frequent visits to Barbados to ???the friendliness of the people???. ???I know when I get off the plane I will have a friendly welcome every time,??? he stated. The Mahers have also encouraged hundreds of holiday makers to visit Barbados over the years. On this particular trip, some 54 relatives and friends, from UK, USA, Trinidad and South Africa will meet on the island for a reunion.

The inscription on the scroll created by the National Tourism Host Programme Department in the Barbados Tourism Product Authority stated: ???Be it known severally to all by virtue of having eaten of the flying fish and tasted fulsomely of the golden rum of this fair and fine isle of Barbados for many a sojourn Gerry and Sally Maher are ???Over one hundred sojourns in Barbados Club???, verily they shall henceforth be known as Loyal Friends of Barbados!?????

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