Suitably qualified Barbadians have been invited to apply for the vacant posts of Programme Specialist (Audio/Visual) and IOC Coordinator, within the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).??

The successful candidates will be based in UNESCO’s Audio Visual Section, Division of Public Information, Sector for External Relations and Public Information in Paris, France, and the Inter-governmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO in Nairobi, Kenya, respectively.

Completed applications may be submitted online at Candidates without computer access can send paper applications by completing the official UNESCO CV form which can be collected from UNESCO offices, national commissions in member states or from any United Nations office of resident representatives. Additionally, the applicants may be required to take a written test as part of the recruitment process.

Applications may be sent in English or French to the Chief Human Resources Officer, UNESCO, Place de Fontenoy, 75352, Paris 07 SP, France. The deadlines for applications for the post of Programme Specialist in France and IOC Coordinator in Africa are Thursday, April 7 and Friday April 8, respectively.?? The Candidates are advised to affix post number ERC-180 for the Paris vacancy and AF/RP/KEN/SC/0012 for the Kenya position on the application.

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