Information linkages between the United Nations and Barbados were discussed recently, when Director of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), Juan Miguel Diez, visited Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Maxine McClean.

During the meeting, which took place at the Ministry???s Culloden Road headquarters, the Director explained the role of UNIC in the UN system, and outlined some of the key projects engaging his office, which included those related to Human Rights and Climate Change.

Mr. Diez added that his office was well placed to share information in those areas with Government, so that key messages could be disseminated to better inform the public on such issues.

Minister McClean welcomed the idea, pointing out that while Barbados had implemented a significant number or projects nationally, issues related to climate change still had to be ???brought home??? to the region, so that persons could make the connection between such matters and their daily lives.

She added that she would like to see the topic explained in more detail to members of the public so that they would not only understand the issues, but be compelled to act.??The two officials also discussed ways in which students could better understand the UN system and its work worldwide.

To this end, Senator McClean suggested that UNIC could make linkages with educational institutions on the island and possibly integrate such information into existing courses.??Forming a relationship between the Barbados Government Information Service and UNIC was also mentioned.

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