Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has reiterated his belief that the University of the West Indies is important to this region.

Mr. Stuart expressed this view on Wednesday evening while hosting a reception at Ilaro Court for the University of the West Indies??? 50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion.

At the end of the function, Mr. Stuart told the Barbados Government Information Service: ???I believe in the University of the West Indies. It is our university, and I think the Caribbean as a whole has been better off for the University of the West Indies.

??????The people of Barbados and the Caribbean need to have confidence in themselves and the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill and other campuses orient students to look at the Caribbean – what it produces and where it came from – and help us to understand ourselves better.???

He said it was refreshing that the Alumni felt the Cave Hill Campus had made so rich a contribution to their lives that they started an Association to give back to the institution. ???I look forward to the day when the Association will grow much larger than it is now and that a larger number of the products of the University of West Indies at Cave Hill will feel the need to become part of that effort to ensure that the legacy of the campus survives,??? Mr. Stuart added.

President of the Alumni Association, Carl Farley, urged all graduates of the University to develop a spirit of philanthropy in light of the institution???s current challenges. ???We want you to give something back – your time and effort – and we want to ask you to support the membership of the Alumni,??? he stated.

The UWI Alumni Reunion Week is currently being observed and it will climax with a Back-In-Time fete tomorrow Saturday, October 12, at the Campus??? SCR Car Park.

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