Manager of the Isolation Facilities, Dr. Corey Forde, giving a report on the health status of patients in isolation during a press conference today. (PMO)

Manager of the Isolation Facilities, Dr. Corey Forde, tonight gave a report on the health status of patients in isolation, during a televised update on Barbados’ COVID-19 situation.

Dr. Forde indicated that overall the majority were doing well, while those whose condition was initially categorised as serious have since improved.

He reported at present there were 14 persons – six males and eight females – in the primary isolation area for seriously ill persons at Harrison Point.  Their ages ranged from 20 to 63 years, but he noted the majority were in their 40s.

“Three are Barbadians, who I mentioned in the last press conference were severely ill at that time.  And they’ve been downgraded to moderate in terms of illness and remain on oxygen therapy.

“There’s one British national who was severely ill, and one other British individual, a male, and he’s actually improved significantly, from severe. He’s also moderate.  So, we’ve had a significant improvement in terms of our management of our persons who are in the primary isolation area. That’s great news for us,” Dr. Forde said.

Turning his attention to Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds, where 137 inmates have tested positive for the viral illness, Dr. Forde noted that one severe case had been recorded to date. The inmate, a male, who is also asthmatic, was admitted to the special medical area established within the prison for COVID-19 cases.

“We treated him, and I’m happy to say this evening, after that initial severe presentation, he’s actually discharged from that area,” Dr. Forde stated.

There was more good news, this time from the facility at Blackman Gollop Primary, as 24 persons had recovered and were discharged today. Among them, three members of the Barbados Defence Force and 15 officers of the Barbados Prison Service.

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