COVID-19 update and press conference – Feb. 26, 2021. (PMO)

With the phased reopening of the island set to begin on March 1, persons will have to wait a bit to engage in some activities, such as sports.

According to Attorney General Dale Marshall, all sporting activities will remain prohibited under the new COVID-19 Directive, which will come into effect on Monday.

He made the announcement while responding to a question from the media, during tonight’s press conference, on whether only contact sports would be restricted.

In her address to the nation on Thursday night, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley had stated that outdoor contact sports would not be permitted. However, the Attorney General said Prime Minister Mottley had since “felt it best to go with a total prohibition of sporting activity in the coming days”.

“Last night, when the Prime Minister spoke [she] did make reference to contact sports and [that it] would not be allowed.  Let me make it clear, as we prepare our directive, at every step of the way, we reflect, consider and reconsider. Therefore, in relation to sports, the Prime Minister had further consultations this morning, and while we do understand there are some sports that are not contact at all, [for example] golf, taking all things into account, the decision has been taken that at this point in time we will permit no sporting activity,” the Attorney General explained.

Mr. Marshall also disclosed that Government would continue to provide financial support to those small and micro businesses, which would have to remain closed given the nature of their operations, and the current public health situation.

“Parameters that would’ve been set for the subsidy are clear. They are dealt with, not through the office of the AG, but through the [Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship]. And I can say to you that at this point in time, any entity that currently benefits from a subsidy but is not allowed to open would continue to benefit from that subsidy.

“The Prime Minister has not indicated that particular arrangement will be at an end. We really want Barbadians to get back out to work, but the situation doesn’t obtain,” Mr. Marshall stated.

The Attorney General added that shops would no longer receive financial support as they are among the entities allowed to resume operations from March 1.

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