The National Employment Bureau is urgently seeking to create a shortlist of suitable persons to be interviewed by employers from a well-established meat processing plant in Canada to fill positions as butchers.

The job will entail, among other duties: slaughtering cattle, splitting carcasses into smaller proportions, removing bones from meat and cutting meat and poultry into specific cuts.

Suitable candidates must have a secondary school education and should have either completed a program in industrial meat cutting or have experience as an industrial butcher or trimmer.

Individuals with adequate knife skills and 3 years experience as a butcher may also apply. Interested persons are required to register immediately at the National Employment Bureau. Persons should provide an updated resume, and one (1) passport-sized photo.

For further information, persons may contact the National Employment Bureau at telephone numbers, 310-1551, 310-1552 or 310-1553, or visit the National Employment Bureau on the 1st Floor East, Warrens Office Complex, St. Michael as soon as possible.

All applicants visiting the office must provide a valid form of picture identification at the time of registering. A dress code is in effect

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