Assistant Secretary in the Department of State’s??Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta Jacobson, sharing a light moment while talking about the harmonious relationship during a courtesy call with Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart. (A. Miller/BGIS)

There is a promise from the United States to work more closely with Barbados to build on the existing harmonious relationship which, in some instances, has led to the creation of economic and social opportunities for the island and the region.

United States Assistant Secretary in the Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemispheric Affairs, Roberta Jacobson, gave this assurance during a courtesy call on Prime Minister Freundel Stuart at Government Headquarters recently.

During the meeting, the official said the United States and Barbados shared common interests on a range of issues and expressed the hope that the ties would be further strengthened in the coming years.

In turn, Prime Minister Stuart acknowledged the harmonious ties between the two countries which dated back to 1967, and pointed out that the bond had grown stronger over time.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the work of the Regional Security System and the shared interest in protecting the region’s coastlines from narco-traffickers.??

"We want to give the assurance to the United States that we [the government] are on the same page in the treatment of regional security and, therefore, we want to ensure that we have the support of the United States in wrestling this challenge [to the ground]," Mr. Stuart emphasised.

He suggested a closer working relationship on security matters and an examination of new ways on how these issues could be tackled for the benefit of both countries.

They also discussed climate change and its impact on countries, and the ongoing economic crisis and its effects on the United States and the region.


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