With approximately 25 per cent of this year???s 511 confirmed cases of Dengue Fever said to represent teachers and students, the Vector Control Unit (VCU) of the Ministry of Health is moving to institute a Vector Free School Programme.

The initiative starts next week with the VCU hosting a series of meetings for all public and private schools from Tuesday, October 8, to Friday, October 11, in the Environmental Health Training Centre, 5th Floor, NIS Building, Fairchild Street, Bridgetown. They will begin at 10:15 a.m.

On Tuesday, October 8, the VCU will meet with Principals of all public and private secondary schools.

The following day, Wednesday, October 9, the team will make its presentation to Principals of the following primary schools: Chalky Mount, St. James, St. Bartholomew???s, Eagle Hall, St. Lucy, St. Cyprians, Eden Lodge, St. Silas, St. Angela???s, Good Shepherd, St. Stephen???s, Half Moon Fort, West Terrace, Hindsbury, Arthur Smith, Ignatius Byer, Grantley Prescod, Bayleys, Selah, Blackman & Gollop, St. Ambrose, Grazettes, St. Albans Primary, Lawrence T. Gay, Da Costa Edward and Mount Tabor.

Thursday, October 10, will be the turn of St. Christopher, Christ Church Girls, St. Stephen???s Nursery, St. George, Milton Lynch, Eden Lodge Nursery, St. Jude???s, Cuthbert Moore, Deacon???s, St. Lawrence, Ellerton, St. Luke???s, St. Martins/Mangrove, Irvin Wilson School, Luther Thorne, St. Patrick???s, Sharon, St. Philip, Westbury, George Lamming, St. Elizabeth, St. Joseph, Reynolds Weekes, St. Mary???s, St. Paul???s, St. Gabriel???s and Providence.

The series will conclude on Friday, October 11, with Principals of Wilkie Cumberbatch, Workman???s, All Saints, Gordon Greenidge, Roland Edwards, Holy Innocents???, Welches, Vauxhall, St. Margaret???s, St. John, Society, St. Mark???s, Hilda Skeene, St. Catherine, St. Giles, Wesley Hall Juniors, Charles F. Broome, Ann Hill, Belmont, Government Hill Nursery, Hillaby/Turners Hall, St. Bernard???s, St. Matthew???s, Rock Christian, Trinity Academy, Will???s Private and People???s Cathedral.

This initiative is to ensure that all public and private schools in Barbados are free from not only mosquitoes, but also flies and rodents. Schools will be given a short presentation of the programme and the role of the Vector Control Unit, among other things.

The Ministry of Health recently reported that so far for the year, there has been one death as a result of Dengue Fever. Additionally, there have been 29 confirmed cases of Leptospirosis, of which 13 patients have had to be hospitalised.


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