Five parishes are slated to be fogged next week when the Vector Control Unit carries out its weekly fogging programme.

The team will first visit areas in St. Philip and St. John on Monday, August 26. They are: Blades Hill, Thickets, College Savannah, Consett Bay, Society, Sargeant Street and the environs.

On Tuesday, August 27, they will remain in St. Philip where they will fog Parish Land, Vineyard, Bushy Park, Padmore Village, Dodds, Cliff Dan, Web Hill, Church Village, Cox Hill, Chapel Land, Breezy Hill and surrounding areas.

The Unit will stay in the south the following day, Wednesday, August 28, and will carry out fogging operations in a number of Christ Church districts including: Newton Terrace, Ashby Land, Lodge Road, Durants, Church Hill, Thornbury Hill, Callender???s, Providence and the environs.

St. James will be targetted for fogging on Thursday, August 29, when the team visits St. Silas, St. Silas Heights, Waterhall Terrace, Waterhall Tenantry, Baywoods, Apes Hill, Orange Hill, Jackman???s Alley and neighbouring districts.

Fogging operations will conclude for the week on Friday, August 30, in the parish of St. George. The Unit will turn its focus to Workmans, Valley View, Glebe Land, Walkers Valley, Constant, Valley Development, Salters and the environs.

The Ministry of Health???s fogging programme runs from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. each day. Persons with respiratory ailments are reminded that they should protect themselves from inhaling the fog, while children should desist from running behind the fogging vehicle.

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