The parishes of St. Michael and St. James will be the main focus of the Ministry of Health???s mosquito eradication efforts next week.

However, members of the Ministry???s Vector Control Unit will begin their fogging programme for the week in a number of St. Joseph and St. Peter districts on Monday, November 18.

The areas to be fogged are: Quarry Road, Gaggs Hill, Mellow Hill, Hillswick, Bathsheba, Phillips Road, St. Elizabeth, Tent Bay, Farm Tenantry, Battaleys, Cemetery Lane, Sweet Home Road, Mullins, Mullins Terrace, Gibbs, Gibbs Glades and the environs.

On Tuesday, November 19, the team will visit St. Michael where they will carry out routine fogging of the Bridgetown Port, Harbour Road, Fontabelle and the surrounding areas.

The Unit will stay in St. Michael on Wednesday, November 20, but will also venture into some St. James districts. They are Crystal Heights, Clermont, Clerview Heights, Husbands New Development, Airlie Tenantry, Reservoir Road, Warrens Crescent, Warrens Park North, Welches Grove, Bagatelle Terrace and the environs.

The team will return to St. James on Thursday, November 21, where they will fog Jamestown Park, Trents, Porters, Prescod Road, Store House Gap, Taylors Gap, The Garden, Mount Standfast, Crick Hill, Bairds Road, Weston and neighbouring districts.

Fogging for the week will conclude in St. Michael and St. James on Friday, November 22, in the districts of Black Rock Main Road, Carters Gap, 1st ??? 3rd Avenues Spring Garden, Retreat Terrace, Crusher Site Road, Prospect, Fitts Village, Berbice, West Terrace with Avenues 1-16, Cherry Drive, Apple Walk, Oxnards and the surrounding areas.

The Ministry of Health???s fogging programme runs from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. each day. Persons with respiratory ailments are reminded that they should protect themselves from inhaling the fog, while children should desist from running behind the fogging vehicle.

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