Seven parishes will be fogged by the Ministry of Health???s Vector Control Unit next week. The team will target St. Philip on Monday, October 14, and Tuesday, October 15. On Monday, they will carry out fogging operations in Ragged Point, Industry Road, Sealy Hall, Content Cot, Coles Terrace, Merricks, Peat Bay, Apple Hall, Inchcape and the environs.

The next day, Tuesday, they will turn their focus to Shrewbury, Eastbourne, Long Bay, Castle Terrace, Long Bay Development, Atlantic Park, Belair Cross Roads, Belair Terrace, Crane Haven, Crane and surrounding districts.

A number of areas in St. Michael and St. Joseph will be earmarked for fogging on Wednesday, October 16. These include: Dalkeith Hill, Bullens Avenue, Paddock Road, Phillips Road, The Garrison, King???s Village, Deighton Road, Joes River, Bowling Alley, Vaughan Road, Surinam Road, Bonwell Road, Towerville Road, Orange Grove, Blackmans, Horse Hill, and the environs.

The Unit will turn its attention to St. Peter and St. Lucy on Thursday, October 17, when St. Clements, Moore Hill Tenantry, Little Bay, Love Bay, Cave Hill, Pie Corner, Risk Road, Johnson Road, Baltic Road, Collins, Date Tree Hill and neighbouring districts will be targetted for fogging.

The team will conclude fogging operations for the week on Friday, October 18, in three parishes ??? St. George, St. Thomas and St. Michael. The following areas will be fogged: Welches, Welches Heights, Padmore Village, Melrose, Arthur Seat, Brownes Gap, Jackson, Rockhampton, Glebe, Valley Land, Walkers Park East, Rowans Park, Thorpes Cottage, Flat Rock and the environs.

The Ministry of Health???s fogging programme runs from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. each day. Persons with respiratory ailments are reminded that they should protect themselves from inhaling the fog, while children should desist from running behind the fogging vehicle.

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