The Ministry of Health’s Vector Control Unit will fog a number of neighbourhoods in St. Peter, St. Philip and Christ Church, next week, with the exception of Thursday, February 21, Election Day.

On Monday, February 18, the St. Peter districts of Diamond Corner, Castle, Boscobelle, Mount #1 & #2, Gays, Collins, The Baltic, Date Tree Hill and the environs will be fogged.

The Vector Control team will remain in that parish on Tuesday, February 20, and spray Station Hill, Douglas Development, Ashton Hall, Mile & A Quarter, Retreat, Maynards Landing Scheme, Maynards Development and the surrounding areas.

The following day, Wednesday, February 20, the St. Philip neighbourhoods of Long Bay, Long Bay Development, Belair, Belair Cross Road, Crane and Crane Development will be fogged.????????????????????

The fogging of St. Philip districts will continue on Thursday, February 21. ??Areas to be visited are: Rock Hall, Harlington, St. Martins, Manderley Gardens, Mangrove Park, Garrett Road, Mangrove, Oldbury Terrace, Oldbury Road, Mangrove Gardens, Mangrove Terrace, Kirtons and the environs.

Fogging for the week will end on Friday, February 22, with the vector control team moving to Christ Church to spray Oistins, Scarborough, Thornbury Hill, Church Hill, Church Hill Development, Windy Ridge, Durants, Lodge Road and Gall Hill. Pedestrians and motorists are advised to be vigilant when encountering fogging operations on the street and persons with respiratory problems are asked to safeguard themselves from inhaling the fog.??

Fogging runs from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. each day and householders are urged to assist in the control of the aedes aegypti mosquito, which causes dengue, by opening all windows and doors to allow the fog to enter.


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