With an increase in cases of an influenza-like illness at the St. Michael Geriatric Hospital in Beckles Road, the Ministry of Health is advising family members that visits will be restricted to 10 minutes.

The Ministry is urging relatives to only visit their individual family members and not "to wander on to other wards".????

Members of the public, who are themselves experiencing flu-like symptoms, are asked not to go to the Geriatric Hospital. They are also reminded to practise good hygiene, including washing their hands before and after visits to the institution.??

All visitors should, however, follow instructions given by management and staff at the Geriatric Hospital while on the premises.??

Management of the Geriatric Hospital has indicated that steps are being taken to treat those patients who have been affected and to ensure that proper hygiene practices are followed by staff and patients.

??This is in the interest of the health of patients, staff and visitors.

The Ministry of Health regrets any inconvenience caused as a result of this temporary measure and thanks the public for their cooperation at this time.??jgill@barbados.gov.bb

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