Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler (FP)??

As government and the labour unions get set to sit down and hammer out a new wages agreement for thousands of public servants, Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler, has cautioned that government would be cautious in these matters given the current economic situation.

Speaking during a media conference following a tour of the Financial Services Commission’s (FSC) Cotton Park Building, Walrond Street, the City, the Finance Minister added:?? he added: "Public sector unions should put demands on the table to represent the interests of the people on whose behalf they are representing.?? But, I think the country as a whole, needs to be extremely cautious on how they approach these matters at this time knowing what we are contending with.?? The unions have said themselves that they understand the situation…they know that we have to exercise restraint or constraint, and that they are coming to the table with a very reasonable and open mind."

Mr. Sinckler further stated: "But a union has a job to do and their job is to negotiate for the best interest of their members … a government has a job to do and that is, to put the best interest of the entire country at the forefront," he emphasised.??

The last wages contract between government and the labour unions expired on March 31, 2010.


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