Nursing Assistant, Shelly-Ann Gollop, checking the blood pressure of a patron while others wait.??(Image: J. Babb)??

A "successful exercise" is how the recent Health Expo, hosted by the Warrens Polyclinic, was described by patrons who visited the??event, which was held in the Super Centre Warrens Car Park.

According to Health Sister and Coordinator, Jeanette Babb, staff was fully supportive of the activities, and she stressed: "They felt it was a worthwhile venture and are looking forward to similar events in the near future. They are eagerly anticipating the organisation of other Health Awareness projects to further meet the needs of our community."????

Designed to impact the community served by the polyclinic, HIV counselling/testing, pap smear screening, blood sugar and blood pressure checks were done by the nurses, while the Body Mass Index (BMI) screenings measured the body mass index, visceral fat around organs, body fat, and skeletal muscle.?? Results were forwarded to the polyclinic’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Heather Harewood for interpretation.

The??Mobile Breast Screening programme was also in operation and patrons were able to perform self-breast examinations.

Several??healthy eating magazines were also exhibited, while food samples and recipes were provided as a key highlight of the Health Expo.?? Samples included zucchini bread, mango bread, and banana bread; also drinks such as ginger and cucumber, aloe and ginger, oats and linseed, and carrot juice.

The Expo was one of the highlights of Public Health Week 2011, that ran from July 2 until July 9, under the theme Public Health in Action. It attracted over 100 persons.


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