The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is in the process of handing over some delinquent customers to debt collection agencies, while working with others to prevent them from facing the same fate.

According to?? BWA officials, the Authority is currently disseminating?? a brochure?? entitled: ???Let’s?? work together on settling your arrears’, along with warning letters to those customers whose accounts have been in arrears for more than eight months, and are in the process of being handed over to collection agents.

The brochure comprises information on the value of timely bill payment, how to avoid having?? accounts?? being delivered?? to debt collection agents, what to do if unable to meet bill payments and advice on how to proceed if?? there are perceived problems with?? one’s bill.

Apart from being sent to customers directly by mail, it is also available for collection at the Authority’s Probyn Street-based Customer Service Centre. The objective of the brochure is to assist indebted customers to avoid having their accounts handed over to collectors sometime in the future.

The BWA has also begun distribution of its water tariff brochure, which is also available at the Customer Service Centre. This particular brochure contains information on the new water rates, basic bill calculation for a 30-day billing period, payment options and a few water conservation tips. It is expected to be made available at other payment locations, such as Post Offices and Sure Pay outlets within the near future.

With every intention to place customer accounts which are seriously in debt, into the hands of debt collectors, the BWA is appealing to indebted customers to come in immediately to make arrangements for settlement, even if by a payment plan.??

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