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The public is advised that February’s water bills have been delayed as a result of technical challenges.

The Barbados Water Authority’s (BWA) Marketing Officer, Yvette Harris-Griffith, stated: “Due to technical difficulties experienced recently with its Customer Information System, there has been a delay in the preparation of some water bills for the month of February.”

As a result, some customers may receive their bills after the payment due date, and are advised to settle these balances as soon as possible. Persons should also note that there may be a calculation error in their bill charges.

Customers may visit the BWA Payment Centre at its headquarters, The Pine, St. Michael, or Probyn Street, Bridgetown, to make enquiries and payments.  Bill queries may also be directed to 434-4292, between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 midnight daily.

Persons with a brought forward balance on their account, or those following a payment agreement, should pay their bills promptly to avoid disconnection.

Water bills may also be paid at SurePay, all branches of the Barbados National Bank, the Barbados Public Workers’ Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. and all post offices.  Online payments may also be made via the Bank of Nova Scotia, CIBC First Caribbean International Bank and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Mrs. Harris-Griffith advises that every effort is being made to ensure that normal billing operations resume as soon as possible, and thanks customers for their patience and understanding.

Barbados Water Authority

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