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The Government of Barbados and local utility companies are cognizant that many Barbadians have been impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consequently, representatives of Government and the companies have been working assiduously to ensure that our citizens remain connected to these critical services.

Following a meeting with the Director of Finance and Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Ian Carrington, and representatives of all utility companies in Barbados on Wednesday May 6, 2020, the following was agreed:

Customers of Digicel and FLOW who are unable to honour their financial commitments due to the negative impact of the pandemic can be placed on an agreed basic package for three (3) months (May – July) where they will be expected to pay their current charges each month while they clear any outstanding debt over the three (3) month period.

The Barbados Light & Power Co. Limited (BL&P), Barbados Water Authority (BWA) and National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) have also agreed to allow customers to take advantage of the same payment plan facility.  

Those customers will also be expected to pay their current charges monthly while they clear any outstanding debt over the three (3) month period.

It has been agreed by all utilities not to disconnect the services of customers during this three-month period subject to their customers paying their current bills and honouring any arrangement made to clear any arrears.

Please note that all affected customers will be handled on a case-by-case basis and the arrangements may vary depending on the utility company and the specific situation.

All utility companies in Barbados remain committed to delivering reliable and continuous service. Please contact your utility company for more information.

Government of Barbados

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