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The National Task Force on Wellness will host its monthly hike on Saturday, May 18, starting at 3:30 p.m. from Portvale Sugar Factory Yard, St. James.

The hike proceeds from the factory yard in the direction of Greenwich through open fields.  Hikers will descend into a deep gully and come out by the bridge near Chefette, Lancaster.  They will then head back to Portvale along the highway.

The 2.8-mile trek is expected to last two and a half hours.  Participants are advised that the gullies are full of boulders and tree branches, and the terrain is uneven.

They will be walking on rocks and stones, climbing over boulders and going under tree logs.  Progress through the gully is expected to be slow as safety is a primary concern.

Those wishing to participate should bring at least a litre of drinking water and snacks.  They should also wear comfortable enclosed shoes, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, hats and sunglasses.  Sunscreen is recommended.

The hikes, held under the theme Barbados Moves! Let’s Get Moving!, are free to the public.


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